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Misrepresentations and Defects

Boulder County is reviewing an application for an 89-109* foot tall telecommunications tower above Boulder. Atlas Tower asked the County for a temporary hold after neighbors uncovered numerous misrepresentations and defects in their application. Our community needs to stand ready to carefully scrutinize their next submission. Atlas Tower’s application lacks any analysis of increased fire risk, including impact on the primary emergency evacuation route for Upper Pine Brook Hills.

  • They falsified visual impacts and impacts on the character of the neighborhood.
  • They grossly overstated the potential added cell coverage.
  • They failed to deliver numerous items of information their company lawyer promised to neighbors during a community meeting on January 29th, 2020.

Our community has no reason to trust that Atlas Tower will be honest in their next submission. Is this about service or profit?

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Compatible land use?

Tower Height

Height above Tree Line

We all want good coverage

Better Connectivity requires a Better Process

This cell tower at this location is not the answer for better cell coverage for the foothills communities. Atlas Tower did not provide coverage maps for public review, so this may be the first of several new towers on Boulder’s cherished ridgelines. Where will the next one be? We need a community-based solution that honors all our inputs and concerns.


Project Details

Where is the people’s input?

Community Problems need Community Solutions

How much will the local community benefit from the tower in this location, compared with the risks? No credible evidence shows that this location will dramatically improve cell coverage in our communities. The cell tower company hasn’t filed a detailed analysis of alternative sites and technologies, which Boulder County regs require.

A cell tower company shouldn’t get to decide. WE, the community, should have input into what’s best after an independent scientific analysis gives us the facts we need to reach the best solution.

Expert analysis shows that most of the local community won’t even benefit from a cell tower in this location [See Expert’s Analysis at pp. 145-164 of Public Comments as of April 17, 2020 in the Land Use Docket]. This shows that Atlas Tower’s failure to include a coverage map for the proposed site with its application was not simply an oversight, but an attempt to hide bad facts. They also failed to conduct a detailed analysis of alternative sites and technologies, which Boulder County regs require.

Tell Boulder County that this is too important to leave to a profit-driven decision that ignores impacts on the community.

Neighborhood Concerns

Property Values

The proximity of a home to a cell tower reduces both the desirability and sales price. 94% of home buyers report that they would pay less for a home near a tower.  And, published research suggests that homes near cell towers sell for up to 20% less.  The National Association of Realtors has an article summarizing these impacts.

Fire Hazard

Cell towers are known to increase the likelihood of lightning strikes within a one-kilometer radius, which means that this tower could spark a fire that would be catastrophic not only to Pine Brook Hills and Sunshine residents but to surrounding communities as well. The homes in the vicinity are on winding and sometimes steep roads, which make them inviting for cyclists but pose a challenge for emergency evacuations. Adding a new fire hazard to people and property at this location is reckless. Other viable locations that provide better coverage exist. Shouldn’t we use some common sense to keep us all safe?

EMF Radiation

Expect little or no monitoring of EMF radiation emitting from up to four antennas to be leased on the tower by telecom companies. EMF radiation is known to have negative health impacts on a significant percentage of the population, including pregnant women, children, the sick and elderly, and EMF-sensitive people, all of whom live nearby. You, or someone you know, is likely in one of these categories. We can solve our cellular needs without harming our neighbors.


This cell tower will rise at least 50’ higher than the tree line at the top of a pristine ridgeline and be visible from numerous foothills neighborhoods – shown in red in the picture below. Views from Betasso Preserve and Bald Mountain trails will be spoiled. This is too high a price to pay for a cell tower that cannot provide effective coverage at this location. Two parties to an ill-conceived contract shouldn’t get to degrade everyone’s views.

Impact on StarHouse

People walking on StarHouse land will see (and feel) the impact of the tower/antennas, which will rise over twice as high as the tree line on these sacred grounds. This is just one of many of Boulder’s cherished sites that will be negatively impacted by this ill-considered plan. Let’s find a solution that works for us all.

What’s Driving This Proposal?

Profit-driven motives haven’t and won’t lead to the best community-minded solution. A legitimate project requires scientific analysis that Atlas Tower failed to provide. Atlas Tower’s in-house lawyer promised the community during a meeting organized and attended by the landowner, that the company would provide numerous additional items of analysis to neighbors. The company never delivered that promised information despite a written follow-up request from the community. These actions raise troubling questons about the parties’ motives, which the community shouldn’t ignore. Tell Boulder County that this decision should be driven by the community’s need, not profit.

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Quick Facts

Height: 89 to 109 feet*

Height above tree line: Approx. 50 feet

See the Application Documents

The first of many towers?

Don’t let the Providers Divide and Conquer Us

Many have expressed concerns about what this proposal is doing to our community. Without a united front we may see unnecessary extra towers until full coverage is reached. We need a community-based approach that addresses all our needs… good cellular coverage that respects our health, safety & environment, and delivers solutions that work for our heroes – our emergency responders.

Who benefits? How much will the local community benefit from the tower in this location, compared with the risks? No evidence supports Atlas Tower’s claim that this location will dramatically improve cell coverage for foothills communities. They didn’t even submit a coverage map! The numerous other misrepresentations in their permit application show that this was not by mistake. Boulder County regs require a legitimate study of alternatives. Hiding the facts from the public is unacceptable and doing so to obtain more business is even worse.

We Deserve Better

A Host of Issues Need More

We have identified many issues associated with this proposal. Take a look at our concerns. At 89-109* foot tall and set at the highest point on a pristine ridge, the cell tower will be an eyesore from special neighborhoods and open spaces across Boulder County.

Via Christian Science Monitor

Latest News & Updates

What is that?

What is that?

As you drive down Sunshine Canyon Drive toward the StarHouse turnoff, this may be your new view.

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Tower Timeline

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Boulder County Parks & Open Space Raises Concerns

Parks & Open Space advises Land Use Department of numerous concerns it sees with Atlas Tower's Project

Read the Letter



County Meets with Citizens

Planning Department leaders held a video conference with citizens as requested in the March 5 community letter. They listened to concerns about Atlas Tower's misconduct and the many risks to the community. The County agreed to re-notify the community when Atlas Tower submits further information.

Read the Letter | Read the 244 Pages of Public Comments



Application Put on Hold

Atlas Tower requested that Boulder County place its cell tower application on hold to enable it to address the numerous deficiencies and misrepresentations uncovered in its application. This is an important first victory for the community but the struggle is far from over. The County estimates that only 106 days will remain on the FCC’s “shot clock” once the hold is lifted. This means that the County will have to reach a decision within that time frame or risk automatic approval of the cell tower by the FCC.  Please don’t wait for the hold to be lifted.

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Initial County-Publicized Deadline to Assure Comments Considered by Planning Staff

The County has since informed us that staff will continue to accept comments.

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Safety Issues Raised

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District tells County "[Atlas Tower] has failed to address safety issues such as, but not limited to, increased risk of wildfire and interference with evacuation procedures."

Read the Fire District's Letter



Neighbors Send Letter to Atlas Tower Owners - Boulder Residents Randi & Nathan Foster - No Response

"We write to appeal to you as our neighbors . . . . We believe that a fair conclusion to be drawn from what we now know about this project is that it was pursued without sufficient consideration of vital information." Atlas Tower and its owners provided no response.

Read The Full Letter at pp. 47-48 of the Public Comments




Landowner and Atlas Tower Hold Community Meeting - Promises Unmet

Landowner apologized to neighbors claiming to be unaware of relative height differences between the water tank and trees compared to the cell tower. Atlas Tower's lawyer refuted that Landowner was unaware of height differences and promised to provide numerous items of additional information to neighbors but failed to deliver.



Public Health Water Quality Sends Referral

Boulder's various departments have begun signing off on the project.



Referred to Other County Agencies

Boulder County sent the application to departments for their review and recommendations. These include Parks, Wildfire, Transportation, Building Division, DRSM, and Public Health Water Quality.



Application Submitted

Atlas Tower submitted cell tower application to Boulder County.

Read the Application

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